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Why do we not take action?  Fear.

Did you ever find it difficult to take action with something in your life.  You just couldn’t move past that first step.  That first step is always the hardest when overcoming either a challenge, a trauma, a life event, a fear or even a sickness. 

A lot of people hit rock bottom before having to take action is a reality.  How to start taking action – ask yourself WHY.  Ask yourself do you want results or a story about why you never took action. 

I’m a firm believer that taking action no matter how hard the task may be will bring you closer to the outcome you desire.  It conditions you into a different mindframe when you take action on a continuous basis.  Taking consistent action despite the uncertainty, fear, and discomfort is what sets the winners apart from the masses.

The secret to taking action is to appoint someone in your life that you can be accountable to.  Someone that you don’t want to disappoint and it matters to you if that person sees you succeeding or failing.  We will tend to put in a bigger effort with accountability.  I’ve put this into practice myself in the past during high intensity exercise, after hard life events, through my own healing and with life in general.  Find the right people that will support you and make yourself accountable to them. 

Commit to a consistent daily process.  Small steps everyday lead to larger outcomes.  Actions lead to progress.  Learn to get with your barriers.  Breathe through them.  The sooner you allow yourself to feel discomfort, the sooner you can take action.  START today, not matter how small or big.  Seeing progress with taking action comes happiness and excitement. 

If you’re struggling with taking action, surround yourself with people in your life that crave it, their energies will soon hit you.  Let your disappointments drive you, not disappoint you!

Sometimes all we really need is that kick in the butt. Someone to believe in us, urge us on and remind us why we started on this journey in the first place.  We need to find our own daily rituals to get us going and take one step at a time to create momentum.  Create a vision in your head of the life you want and make a decision that you won’t give up on it.  You will soon see it manifest!

Take ACTION today.  BELIEVE in yourself and others, you can live your greatest life!

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